Updated: May 16, 2019

“I had a handle on life but it broke” is something I used to say to make people laugh and to forgive me for whatever conundrum I was facing at that moment. I did not coin the phrase and can’t tell you where I learned it. I can say that it was something I believed, that at one point in the past I had life handled and then something came along to change that and now my life is not handled. "If only you knew me back then," I'd think.

Another version of this is “Hold on, I almost have my life handled. I swear I am going to get it together and things will be perfect someday.”

Here’s what that will look like:

  • My closets will be organized and I will only own things that “spark joy.”

  • I will curate a capsule wardrobe and be so put together. Doing this will reduce decision fatigue and the energy I conserve will be used to efficiently meal plan.

  • I will also plan daily activities for my children and build my at-home yoga practice to lose this baby weight. My student loan balance will be zero.

  • Once all those things are handled, I’m gonna start a blog. But really I’ve always wanted to start a blog. I’ve always wanted to write for someone other than me. I never did it because my life was not handled.

For 41 years of my life, I have been working on creating a perfectly handled life. Recently I realized that this is never gonna happen. “Perfectly handled” is a myth that exists inside the square of an instagram photo. At best it’s only possible to be somewhat handled, because zoom out and there’s a mess of all that is not yet handled.

Everything is always just somewhat handled and that is okay.

So welcome to A Somewhat Handled Life. A blog by me, Vicki Macchiavello, a mother, a maker, an entrepreneur, a friend, a daughter, a breast cancer facer, and a person, personing the best she can. A blog about being alive. I’m glad you’re here.

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