Today I am finding it really hard to get something posted here. I don't have anything scheduled and so I have no runway. I am writing this basically an hour and 10 minutes before I would post it. If I was being consistent with the timing of posts going live.

Consistency is what I want. It is what I am aiming for. To write and post and post and write. Thus carving out a space here on the interwebs for my words.

It would be so easy to give up now. To throw in the towel 7 days into MeBlogSoMo and say I've got nothing left to say, or I don't have any time or here come my kids, up early, guess I should give up.

But then I would be just exactly where I started, sitting on the potential of a dream not realized.

I want to write. This is what I want my life to be about. My words, well written, organized, expressed. I MUST USE THIS SPACE. To give up now would mean to start over the next time and to start over would be to lose momentum.

And so I am writing you, the reader, this drivel. This nothing post about my process, which is about my putting one foot in front of the other on this path, while butterflies asked to be chased into the forest of all the other shit there is I could do.

It's a blessing in some ways that no one is really reading this. That the last 6 posts have had exactly zero views. The freedom to say whatever I want is real. No one is judging me because no one is looking.

And that is just fine for me. Day 7 of MeBlogSoMo has come and gone and this is what i wrote and posed. Have a great day.

Not my image...it's about writing now...not cool pics.

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