Theater of Expectations

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

"The Theater of Expectations." Collage, circa 2007

She's grump AF and she is fired, finally.

She is the proprietor of the Theater of Expectations.

You cannot please her, you see.

She wants things done perfectly and instantly.

She plays reel after reel of films about how everyone else is doing things perfectly and instantly. No matter the "they", no matter their things, they are better than you.

You have to fire her.

You must change the reels.

You have to stage a coup really, but she will be fine.

You can put her in a nice place with lots of nature.

You can get her a furry white dog who will always respond to her perfectly and instantly, when she calls. It will be good for everyone involved.

Then you must renovate the theater.

Paint the walls and change the name from Theater of Expectations to something else.

Hire a new proprietor who can usher in a season of sanity and safety for you to just be You.

Intimately, perfectly You!

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