La Que Sabe

Updated: May 16, 2019

I knew what I knew when I knew it, when I was the age I am in this photo. Young and wild and open.

And Free? Eh...I am not so sure I was free. But I won't go into that now. That's for another post.

Back to that knowing. By "knowing" I mean KNOWING, deep belly knowing. The knowing of your truth beyond the rationalization of it.

Do you have that? I do and I did and then I didn't over and over again my whole life.

This is the plight of female in our modern world. This is the burden of the Divine Feminine and of the weight of the gifts that we are given by identifying as a woman.

The plight is this: There is something you KNOW but you can't talk about it. You can't give it words. You can only feel it with you body, with your heart. You feel it in the connection with your loved ones and definitely with your pets. You find it in your dreams and beseech it with your prayers. You invite it to live in you and you want to give it a home but the outside world says this is wrong. Tells you and your sisters that are you're crazy, so you ignore it.

But then you pick up a copy of Women Who Run with Wolves and the Knowing begins to creep in again and you find a picture of yourself from way back when. The wild look in your eyes, the feral way you smile, and the scrunched up way you hold your nose tells you you have always Known what you Know.

Then at 42 you decide that you Know it again. Cause to ignore it is certain death.

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