How to keep going when you're sure you cannot.

Step 1: Get a sharpie.

Step 2: Write the word faith on the back of your hand daily.

Step 3: Even when people ask, you can say, "things are kinda rough for me right now. This is how I remind myself to keep going."

Step 4: If they say “faith in what?” you are welcome to answer any way you choose, but I am partial to these things: Myself, My god or goddess, “You’re ability to keep your nose out of my business”

Step 5: repeat every day until your bonus mom sees it and sends you the most beautiful bracelet with green stones and she says it means “faith” and then from that point forward you will have something tangible to twist in your fingers while you process the mountain of emotional baggage that you brought with you to this point in your life.

Step 6: Feel finally free, when the bracelet breaks years later and you realize that you aren’t depending on it so much any more. In fact you faith has found a home in your gut and you know you are going to be okay.

Step 7: Keep the beads in a dish on your altar if you have one, or your dresser and when you loved ones come over and they tell you about how they are slogging through wearing lead shoes that happens from time to time. Grab one of those little green beads and tell them the story about how you found faith. Tell them that you believe in them and to not give up. Tell them to never ever ever ever give up.

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